The Petworth Society

Petworth Fair

Normally St. Edmund’s Day - November 20th - but if the 20th falls on a Sunday it will be held on 19th November.

The highlight of the Petworth year is the transformation of the town centre into a world of fun and laughter as the traditional pleasure fair comes to town. This unique street fair is almost as old as the town.

Originally of nine day’s duration ‘in the feast of St Edmund the King’ it dates back certainly to 1273. It is not chartered and the official date of its foundation is settled at 1189. It is probably the oldest surviving street fair in the south of England.

From 1986 to 2018 it was administered by the Petworth Society in conjunction with the lessees, Bensons of Dorking and with the continuing support of Harris Brothers of Ashington. From 2019 it has been organised by a new Fair Committee on which the Petworth Society is represented.

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